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Mitigate-5 is a due diligence Cyber Security Certification for corporate websites. Mitigate-5 enables businesses prove to users that they have taken responsible steps to assure security on their website.

Below is the high-level criteria of what is covered in the verification checks to become certified.

The proof is in the research.

- In the 2018 Cyber Security Baseline Report on Jamaica (gCBRJ):
- Only 35% of corporate websites automatically connected over HTTPS. 43% scored a grade of F on their HTTPS configuration.
- 73% of businesses assessed scored a failing grade of "F" for their use of security headers.
- Only 16% of websites were detected to be using a web firewall.

Reference: 2018 CBRJ -

Justified trust for your business website.

Being Mitigate-5 Certification means that a business' website has implemented baseline good security which has been independently verified without bias. This validation gives business leaders trust that cyber security due diligence is being applied to the business' main online presence, its website.

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