Apply to certify a website for Mitigate-5

Getting Certified

To become certified, the website owner of the Caribbean based business submit an application request to the Mitigate-5 team (G5 Cyber Security). A brief meeting will be scheduled with the website owner, where we discuss our terms and conditions and provide relevant documents to complete the process.


Step 1. Prepare

Implement all five (5) requirements.

Step 2. Apply

As the website owner if you believe your corporate website is ready for verification and then submit an application request by clicking HERE.

Step 3. Verification

The Mitigate-5 team well responded to the email request with additional details to complete the process, such as providing the authorisation document for signing. Our team will then verify the requirements are implemented appropriately and proceed to issue a digital certificate.

Step 4. Certification and maintenance

A digital certificate is issued which expires at the end of each calendar year. Automatic re-verification is done starting the November of each year and a new certificate issued in December for compliant websites.

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