non-compliant websites


Anyone can report Non-compliance of a current certified website. Once reported, the Mitigate-5 Team (G5 Cyber Security) will do our due diligence based on the following process.


1. Report - Someone reports a non-compliant website

Anyone who notices a non-compliant but certified Mitigate-5 website can submit a report to the Mitigate-5 team. by clicking HERE.

2. Validate - An investigate is done to verify the reported issue

We will validate the details of the request, and where necessary notify the website owner of their domain's non-compliance. We will also notify the reporter of whether their report was identified as a valid breach of compliance.

3. Resolve - Appropriate action is taken

We will work with the website owner to have their domain become compliant again within 30 days. During these 30 days, depending on the severity, the status of their domain may change to Under-review and will be displayed on the page for certified websites.

Where the owner has decided to remain non-compliant, we will withdraw the certification. The certification status of a domain would then be changed from Certified to Withdrawn. Inactive certifications will be listed at the following page along with their status, please click HERE.

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