Update an existing Mitigate-5 Certification

Making changes

Mitigate-5 Certification status can be modified at the request of a website owner. Primarily this could happen if a website owner wants to opt-out of certification or if a website has become severely non-compliant and the Mitigate-5 team has withdrawn its certification.

The process

1. Notify - A website owner submits a request

The website owner or the Mitigate-5 team will initiate a request by email to modify the status of a Certification assigned to a domain by clicking HERE.

The status of certification can be changed from Certified to either Opt-Out. Opt-out means the owner has decided to give up their Mitigate-5 Certification.

2. Feedback - 2-way feedback between the website owner and the Mitigate-5 team

We will mutually assess the details of the situation and act in the best interest the website owner. This should take 1-2 business days for a status to be approved and updated online.

3. Modify - the status of certification has changed

The certification status of a domain will be changed from Certified to either Opt-Out. Inactive certifications will be listed at the following page along with their status, please click HERE.

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